Monday, March 5, 2012

OFF GRID POWER SYSTEM invented and patent is available to everybody

OFF GRID POWER SYSTEM invented and patent is available to everybody Video Clips. Duration : 2.17 Mins.

Visit - - Cut Your Expenses, Use Magnetic Generator. Everyone who is using electricity which is provided by power supply companies is crying due to a constant increase in their prices. This constant increase has a serious effect on the monthly house hold budget of a common man. If you really want to cut your expenses and balance your monthly budget; then you must focus on other alternatives. Among these alternatives, you have to choose the best alternative for cost reduction. Alternatives include solar panels, wind turbine energy and magnetic generators. Solar panel and wind turbine need a serious investment at the start. Also they are fixed and cannot be taken away to other places of your home, picnic etc. Once you install them, you will be able to get cheap electricity. In cities where people often feel space constraints, these alternatives are not applicable. Also these alternatives are dependent upon weather conditions eg wind turbines cannot produce electricity if wind is slow and solar panels on the other hand cannot produce electricity if there is no sunlight. The magnetic power generator is free from these problems. It is neither dependent on atmospheric or other conditions nor it requires any huge space for its placement. It can be placed in any corner of your home easily. That is why it is the most convenient and a realistic alternative for electricity production which does not need any pre-analysis or careful planning. Another advantage of ...

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