Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Blade PVC Pipe Bicycle Wheel Hub Windspinner

3 Blade PVC Pipe Bicycle Wheel Hub Windspinner Tube. Duration : 0.83 Mins.

3 Blade Vertical PVC Pipe Bicycle Front Wheel Hub Windspinner, a vertical windmill made from easily accessable parts. Easy Good practice for fustrated windpower enthusiasts whom are interested in homegrown wind turbines. It is an easy first windmill. With no load, it starts up in low breezes and winds and really goes at 10 mph and up winds. Provides a visual home weather station for wind speed. (Best watched in HD) The HD Movie was taken in very very slight intermittent breeze. It could easily be used to measure wind speed with a bicycle speedometer attached to it, although if you know and see several wind speeds all you have to to is look at it to know the approximate wind speed. A vertical wind mill can use wind from all directions and also use wind gusts that a horizontal wind spinner can't. A 3 bladed vertical design is more balanced that a 2 bladed design and can catch wind from more angles and different directions, A vertical wind spinner never has to orient itself to the wind. The wind spinner has been mounted on the edge of a parking lot in a trailer park under a car port for over a year, thus it has limited space application for persons in confined regulated living conditions having an interest in wind energy. It is silent. It is a cheap and uncomplicated build, although disappointing because it currently doesnt produce electricity. The pipe was found in a ditch it is a broken off cable marker hit by a riding lawn mower or tractor. The PVC 3" or 4" pipe was cut ...

Tags: VAWT, HAWT, wind, energy, windmill, wind power, turbine

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