Sunday, February 19, 2012

Luxury Hideout (Fallout New Vegas PC Mod)

Luxury Hideout (Fallout New Vegas PC Mod) Video Clips. Duration : 4.27 Mins.

Game: Fallout New Vegas PC Name: Luxury Hideout Version: 1.0.5 Date: 12/11/2010 Category: Buildings/Player House Mod Download: Download: Author: Dwight Darkmoon Requirement: Nothing :) Location ======== Located in Goodsprings in front of the prospector saloon and the general store. Look for a sewer entrance. The key is next to the entrance on the ground. For fast travel, use the goodsprings marker. Details ======= A warm and cozy one room with no doors hideout. Don't wait to get where or what you want. Everything is near. Light switch for every section of the hideout. Hideout door and safe with auto relock script. Complete armory/workshop with reloading bench, workbench and laboratory. Bathroom with clean water and infirmary. Kitchen with snowglobe display, oven with campfire script, clean water and vending machines that works with your caps. (Nuka, Sunset and Eat'o'tronic) Bedroom/livingroom with "well rested bed" and a tunable radio. Deburden 3000 that will store your inventory for you. (Ammo, Aid and Misc) Containers with proper label for easy inventory access. Every weapon and armor type has its container. Garbage container that respawns. Just drop your junk in there and in a few days it will go away. Support companions (fully navmesh with idle markers) More Details ============ If you want to fill up your snowglobe display you have to give each snowglobe to Jane (Mr. House's groupie robot) at lucky 38 so she can put it ...

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