Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wind Power

Wind Power Video Clips. Duration : 3.90 Mins.

With today's rising cost in energy, power generation is becoming a concern. Wind power can be an alternative to the situation. The popularity of wind generation is growing and the price a lot more affordable. It's becoming a free power source. In this video I 'am personally building a wind power generator that wont get me of the grid by no means but it is a cheap free power source that should provide enough to run a electric heater during the long and stormy winter months. In summer it could be used to run a freezer or tools in my small shop. The generator itself will be from a high amp alternator off a car. So to keep a good speed up I'am going to run a pulley from the wind mill itself to the pulley on the alternator. I 'am not sure what the ratio will be just yet but I bet it will be in the neighbourhood of a 4:1 ratio.

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